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About us:

Pictures and sculptures are created in our wax forge, freely formed in all possible variations. Using a proprietary process, various wax mixtures with dimensionally stable properties are obtained, into which a play of color is poured. Candles, LED lights, wall clocks and bowls are made from these unique wax images.

We do not see our candles as pure decoration or functional lighting fixtures, but as light sculptures that are constantly being redefined through the interaction between wax and flame .  Our wax objects experience the Burning down a transformation. The shape changes, the tipping away of segments or drops is part of it. The interaction  between environment, viewer and flame affects the result. In this way, the viewer becomes a co-designer - the actual work of art is the new form created by burning!

Working with wax gives us great pleasure and we would like to share it with others. We offer workshops in our workshop in Perchtoldsdorf,   in both public and private settings.

Gunther Zeman

After I worked in senior management until 2010 and also worked more as a pioneer and supporter of artists and cultural projects, I learned to love working with wax through my partner. I have constantly developed the original "Budischowskly method" and expanded our wax art to include decorative works (light objects, murals, clocks, bowls, etc.). When it comes to candles, the focus is always on how the candles transform when they burn down or what is left afterward. For me, unlit candles are “unfinished”.


Barbara Bachmayr-Heyda

With  wax and paints I have been researching and experimenting since the death of my son Romeo, art as a link between the worlds. I regard each wax image / structure as a manifestation of the invisible world that becomes visible as a symbol, energy movement or form. My light objects are related to all those forces that constantly affect our lives as loving and ordering forces in order to bring the soul's path to completion, for the benefit of all beings.

So I describe the process of my wax creations as a healing art - dedicated  light objects as strengthening on the path of life.

"The lighting of the wax structures is a transformational   process, the merging with the change of form through the meditative contemplation of the flame leads to "enlightenment" by receiving the message of transformation - die_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Story of death and (new) life - received deep within us."

Johanna Bachmayr-Heyda


Transformation Artist - Queen of wax -  master of  forms

Emotion researcher - performance woman and SuperMa 


custom made

For special people, life situations or occasions, we produce "dedicated" wax sculptures after detailed consultation, which are individually tailored in shape, colour, size and symbolism (from € 100.00).

 Special series from 10 pieces on request. It is also possible to emboss individual patterns (including company logos) into the wax (extra charge from €50 per motif)


For packaging and delivery in Austria  we charge from € 15, depending on the size. We assume the transport guarantee. payment upon receipt. Collection in Vienna or Perchtoldsdorf possible free of charge. Shipping abroad on request.


Our aim is to make people happy with our objects. Should this be clouded by transport damage, unfavorable burn-off, etc., we will gladly undertake the repair free of charge or, if this is not possible, you will receive a new candle of at least the same value. However, we can only guarantee the stability of the shape until the following summer, as segments of individual models could deform due to high room temperatures (from approx. 30°). However, you can correct this yourself (see below).

candle care

How to deal with our transformation/manifestation sculptures...


Each of our works is unique and the burning behavior is not always predictable (otherwise it would be boring...). Basically, our candles are intended for "watching" and especially the small, thin ones should be "kept in the eye" and in the first third do not let it burn for more than 30 minutes.

Some sculptures are also defined by dripping phases. If you want to finish them, extinguish and let them cool down and then only do short firing intervals.

With thick candles, the flame can become very small in the lower area. You can carefully use a sewing needle or similar to make the wax run off (be sure to put a plate underneath) and help shape the sculpture with it.

If the candle deforms as a result of external heat (e.g. in the sun), it can be reshaped upside down using a hair dryer (medium setting). Then cool in cold water.

Protect burning candles from drafts, small children and pets, do not place them on flammable surfaces or near flammable objects.

Dusty or dirty candles are best cleaned with a lint-free cloth (fine microfiber) that has been moistened with alcohol or water.


We are happy to take back the remaining wax for reprocessing, in which case we will give you a 10% discount on the next candle.
The resulting sculpture can in most cases, e.g. B. continue to be used as a candle or tealight holder. If it is not to be stored, the rest can be liquefied in a water bath and poured into a new candle.

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