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We offer three modules for our workshops in our workshop in Perchtoldsdorf near Vienna or in a suitable location of your choice:

1.) "Shape Soul":

We call the inner candle, in which the wick is incorporated, the soul.

2.) Cast "WaxArell" image:

In a special process, a single wax image is created from liquid wax in different colors, with which the soul is then encased.

3.) Object shapes:

The wax image is reheated and used to cover the soul or a surface (e.g. lampshade) . It is also possible to form a bowl, wall clock, etc.

When working creatively with wax using our self-developed technique, it is not primarily a question of "making beautiful candles" (of course that can also be...), but of creating wax sculptures and expressing inner and outer images._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

The essential part, however, is the transformation process that takes place during the burn (during rituals or simply in between for relaxation).

Price list:

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